Surge Arrester Monitoring – SMB / SMC


SMC is a monitoring devices has been developed to monitor high voltage non-gapped surge arrester (NGLA) located in substations, or poles risers. The device available in 1 or 3 phases, features outstanding measurement capabilities including resistive leakage current with compensation through electrical field measurement. The devices is also able to register lightning waveforms up to 100us, and all the successive lightning or switching impulses components. The registration includes : pulse peak, polarity, duration, charges and energy.


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SMC – Digital HV Surge Arrester Monitoring

  • Monitoring
    • Non-gapped surge arrester, NGLA, in HV substations, pole risers.
    • TLA, transmission line arresters, in HV overhead lines.
  • Measurements
    • Unique condition monitoring : total discharged energy monitoring system, lightning, surge events and discharges records.
    • Records all components (impulses) of lightning and switching up to 100kA 10/350us.
    • Each records includes: pulse peak, polarity, duration, charges and energy.
    • Maximum peak measurement: 40kA.
    • Record of first lightning impulse waveform up to 100us.
    • Record of 50Hz fault current up to 400ms.
  • Features
    • LoRa, Sigfox and NFC wireless solution
    • Wired via fibre optic / RS485
    • GPS synchronization and time stamp
    • Outdoor device : IP65
    • External split core current transformer, inner diameter of 36mm, IP67
    • Solar supply & external supply versions
    • Durable device: stainless steel, polycarbonate UV resistant, aluminum
    • Up to 3 phases / surge arresters on the same device.


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