External Gap Surge Arrester Monitoring SLB / SLC

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SLB – Digital MV External Gap Surge Arrester Monitoring

  • Monitoring
    • External gapped surge arrester, EGLA, in MV overhead lines
    • Current Limiting Arcing Horns, CLAH.
    • LLPD, line lightning protection devices.
    • CLG, current limiting gap
  • Measurements
    • Total discharged energy monitoring system, lightning, surge events and discharges records
  • Features
    • LoRa, Sigfox and NFC wireless solution
    • Wired via fibre optic / RS485
    • Outdoor device : IP65
    • Solar supply & external supply versions
    • Durable device: stainless steel, polycarbonate UV resistant, aluminum
    • Up to 3 phases / surge arresters on the same device.


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