SMA – Analogic Leakage and Surge Monitoring

Paralec has dedicated its research activities to lightning surge qualification and protection. This new range of products aims at helping our customers to understand the origin of surges, their parameters and impact on equipment.
PARALEC SMA is an electro-mechanical leakage measurement device and surge counter. The leakage meter provide the value of the total leakage current flowing through the ground conductor from 0 to 50 mA. The surge counter is meant to count the number of lightning strikes based on the current flowing in a conductor.
The SMA shall be installed in series on the ground leads, at the ground terminal of the metal surge arrester. It can be mounted from the top, the bottom or strapped. Terminals can be used either way. The device complies to the IEC 62561-6.
Thanks to its IP65, housing, rugged materials and self power, the SMA is suitable for outdoor and hazardous environment.

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Surge & Lightning Monitoring Device For Metal Oxide Surge Arresters from 6 to 800 kV

  • Monitoring of surge arrester, MOA, MOR, SPD, TLA.
  • Analogic total leakage current measurement from 0 to 50 mA
  • Surge counting from 100 A minimum to 100 kA detection
  • Outdoor and durable device : IP65, glass window, stainless steel, aluminium
  • No maintenance : self powered device, no battery
  • Easy counter installation : bottom, top, back or strap mounting.



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