SC 250 – Surge Counter LSC Lightning Strike Counter

PARALEC Lightning Strike Counter is meant to count the number of lightning strikes based on the current flowing in a conductor. Surge Counter can be installed easily on the ground leads even on existing installations thanks to its split core transformer.
The counter display can be mounted top, bottom, back, or strapped up to 20 m from the measure-ment point. The device complies to the IEC 62561. Thanks to its IP68, housing, rugged materials and self power, the LSC is suitable for outdoor and hazardous atmospheres.

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High sensitivity universal counter

  • Monitoring of lightning protection equipment: lightning rod, surge arrester, EGLA, MOA, MOR, SPD, TLA, ground lead, ground rod…
  • High measurement performance: from 250 A minimum to 100 kA detection.
  • Counts lightning impulse separated by more than 20 ms.
  • Outdoor device : IP68.
  • No maintenance : self powered device, no battery.
  • 4-20 mA output (Optional)
  • Easy cable installation : up to 3 split cores current transformers, 5 to 25 mm cable diameter
  • Easy counter installation : bottom, top, back or strap mounting. Up to 20 m cable length
  • Durable device : glass window, stainless steel & HOPE plastic



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