SL 1.5 – Surge & Lightning Monitoring Device

A unique and innovative device to master surges activities
Paralec has dedicated its research activities to lightning and surges qualification and protection. This new range of products aims at helping our customer to understand the origin of surges, thier parameters and impact on equipment.
It involves diagnostic of Gapped arresters (EGLA, CLAN, LLPD) in service, record peak currents, historical data, number of events, cumulative charges discharged by equipment.
It allows ageing qualification to reach higher accuracy in order to optimize reliability and expenditure. With a communication range of 5 km on Sigfox or LoRaWan standards allows the user have a safe and remote connection. SL Surge Monitoring can be installed easily on ground conductors. Thanks to its IP65, housing , rugged materials and self power , the SL serie is suitable for outdoor installation. Power supply is ensured through supercap cell and solar panels. Optional DC power supply can also be arranged.

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Surge & Lightning Monitoring Device For Gapped Arresters from 6 to 800 kVAC

  • Monitoring of LLPD, EGLA, TLA, CLAH, lightning rods transmission lines, building.
  • Wired or wireless communication : RS485 modbus, LoRA, Sigfox, NFC.
  • Outdoor device : IP65.
  • Solar supply & external supply versions.
  • Unique condition monitoring : total discharged energy monitoring system, Lightning, surge events and discharges record, Lightning waveform.
  • Durable device: stainless steel, polycarbonate uv resistant, aluminum.
  • Up to 3 phases gapped arresters on the same device.
  • Monitoring software GPS localisation and timestamp.



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