SC 25D – Surge Counter LSC Lightning Strike Counter

PARALEC Lightning Strike Counter is meant to count the number of lightning strikes based on the current flowing in a conductor.
Surge Counter can be installed easily on the ground leads even on existing installations thanks to its split core transformer.
The DIN frame counter shall be back mounted on a DIN rail, up to 20m from the measurement point.
The CT and the connecting cables exists in 2 versions Indoor and outdoor IP68 rugged.

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High sensitivity universal counter

  • Monitoring of lightning protection equipment: lightning rod, surge arrester, SPD, ground lead, ground rod…
  • High measurement performance: from 250A minimum to 100kA detection
  • Counts lightning impulse separated by more than 50ms
  • Indoor device : IP42
  • Outdoor and rugged version of split core current transformer IP68
  • No maintenance : self powered device, no battery
  • Easy cable installation : 5 to 25mm cable diameter
  • Up to 20m cable length



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